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Perfect grating ruler digital display system:

1、Coordinate value zeros;

2、Number of coordinates;

3、Center point position calculation;

4、Switch between metric and imperial units;

5、Data recovery function;

6、Four reference coordinates;

7、Support 1 micron /5 micron grating ruler;

Use of highly reliable industrial grade computer, full digital control:

1、All machining parameters can be adjusted or input arbitrarily;

2、Processing data power off memory;

3、Numerical control pulse waveform, stability 10-6;

4、Multiple pulse waveform outputs;

5、Intelligent carbon sequestration control;

6、Z-axis 99 segment CNC。

Machining parameter setting is simple and fast:

1、Only input low voltage current and machining depth;

2、Processing and programming can be done simultaneously;

3、Large user documentation area;

4、Special tool parameters。

Friendly man-machine interface:

1、Full-screen (simple/complex) English displays and prompts;

2、Full screen machining parameter editing;

3、Intelligent fault-tolerant input that conforms to operating habits;

4、Detailed user manual in English and Chinese。

Other common functions:

1、Forward, reverse, lock machining selection;

2、Processing selection of positive polarity and negative polarity;

3、Liquid level and fire alarm and system linkage;

4、Processing time display;

5、Two stage lift;

6、The lifting process closes the pulse;

7、Process pause function;

8、Z axis deenergized brake interface;

9、Support 12 v /24 v machine tool lamp;

10、Adjustable Z axis“Slow period”speed。

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